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Diddles & Puds + Gifts instead of flowers

Gifts instead of flowers logo

We're really excited to announce that Diddles and Puds is now an artist on Gifts Instead of flowers. This wonderful website supports creatives, enabling buyers of unique handmade gifts to buy directly from the creator. In their own words:

The seeds of the Gifts Instead of Flowers concept were sown by the sight of many flowers, so generously given by well-wishers, simply fading away. There was little, save a note card or two, to remind the recipient of the kind thoughts behind the floral gifts. Thus, the idea arose that if gifts could be given as an alternative to flowers in such circumstances, that might leave a lasting memento for the recipient.

Not only that but Gifts Instead of flowers support the awesome charity Williams Fund, which raises money to aid the research of paediatric cancer at Oxford University. Many of the artist chose to make regular donations to Williams fund as Gifts Instead of flowers takes no commission on sales that result in their advertising artists.

A great partnership all around and we look forward to being part of Gifts Instead of flowers.

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